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Lilac Software: A mission to unlock the power of data with empathy

To say that America’s healthcare system is labyrinthine would be a gross understatement. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, the fragmented nature of everything – from regulation to payment flows to technology – creates a strange duality. On one hand, there are a ton of problems that need to be solved. On the other, it’s incredibly difficult to define the shape of systemic problems to begin building a meaningful business around.

Before I even considered building tech in the healthcare space, I found myself confronting the brokenness of the system as a consumer. I was not only dealing with a health situation but I had to navigate such complexity that it left me feeling helpless to advocate for myself or my loved ones. This experience ignited a determination to solve these problems in the most fundamental way possible. The ensuing journey led me down a path where I eventually became the CTO of Oscar Health. My time at Oscar was a masterclass on the industry’s complexity and fragmented nature. I witnessed first-hand how “good data” can power a health plan to unprecedented customer loyalty, positive member health outcomes and business performance. Conversely, the lack of “good data” results in messy, inefficient operations that are all too common in healthcare today.

I learned that every workflow, every analytics dashboard, every next best action recommendation, every efficiency effort, and every innovative AI-fueled use case required clean, consistent and reliable data.  This “good data” is at the core of a payer’s ability to drive better member health outcomes and business results.

Our mission at Lilac is to make “good data” more accessible to health plans of all sizes. We are building a platform that leverages cutting edge HIPAA-compliant technology to transform fragmented, siloed information into a unified, cohesive, and trustworthy foundation. Our solutions are designed to solve data-intensive business problems at their roots. 

For far too long, the complex regulatory landscape of healthcare has kept modern, cloud-native technologies out of reach for health plan IT teams. While most other industries have long enjoyed the benefits of agile and scalable tools, healthcare has been constrained by stringent data privacy and compliance requirements. Now, the tides are turning. The maturation of HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions provides the means to harness the power of secure data aggregation, cleaning, normalization, and storage at scale. This combined with rapidly progressing AI/ML models have opened the door to an exciting new era of innovation and transformation.

The final piece to the puzzle is understanding that a new solution must work in harmony with a plan’s existing environment. At Lilac we understand it’s not enough to simply introduce new tech – true progress requires thoughtful integration and alignment with an organization’s current processes, systems, and culture.

Lilac’s platform is engineered to seamlessly integrate into the flow of an organization to minimize disruption and ease the path to adoption, empowering everyone to embrace change and unlock the full potential of good data. By infusing empathy into every aspect of the software experience, Lilac is a trusted partner in each of our customer’s journeys of growth and evolution.

If this problem resonates with you, let’s discuss how Lilac can help solve data fragmentation problems at your plan.



Lilac Software is developing cloud-hosted, data aggregation solutions for health plans’ most complex problems. If you’re interested in learning how we can help your plan, reach out here to start a conversation with the Lilac team.